We provide a subscription platform that allows investors, foundations, family offices, philanthropists, and governmental entities to identify specific communities throughout the US that may benefit from investments in services, infrastructure, or businesses.  Our subscription platform provides access to a series of indices that correlate to social and environmental issues in the United States.


Each Index quantifies the inequality of a good or service in underserved areas or the environmental sustainability of an area and measure progress in improving community and environmental conditions over time. To facilitate decisions and measurements, each index provides detailed demographic and other data for each community.


The first index developed by The Center is the Healthcare Inequality Index, which measures the local availability of healthcare services and the ability of individuals in those local markets to obtain healthcare services.


The Center will use its methodology, insights, and resources to create additional indices beyond healthcare.  The second index to be developed by The Center in early 2022 will be the Broadband Inequality Index, followed by additional indices for environmental, education, food and other issue areas.